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Icon Lounge Closed, New Restaurant Coming

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES - The Icon Ultra Lounge closed in November, shortly after the City Zoning Administrator held a hearing looking into whether the business qualified as a public nuisance.

Now, its successor is in the works. Business consultant Elizabeth Peterson said her client, Reza Khaknegar, plans to open a restaurant on the order of a “supper club” at 1248 S. Figueroa St., with food being the main focus. The restaurant’s working name is Annex and it will feature live Middle Eastern music. The goal for opening, Peterson said, is six months.

“We have to completely remodel; it [was] a nightclub,” she said.

Area stakeholders hope it will be a sharp change from Icon: Evidence submitted by the Los Angeles Police Department for the zoning hearing said there had been 286 calls for service to the Figueroa address over two years. Last June, a 24-year-old man died after a fight on the dance floor.

Following the nuisance hearing, Icon representatives, who had protested LAPD’s data, decided it would be best to close, Peterson said.




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